Marchigiana Fokbedrijf MTS Rijken

Marchigiana Fokbedrijf MTS Rijken



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Price per straw
ID: 36 - Lezio
ID: 35 - Mirino
ID: 34 - Genio
ID: 33 - Bilio
ID: 32 - Isidoro
ID: 31 - Golfo
ID: 30 - Damasco
ID: 29 - Erode
ID: 28 - Daino
ID: 27 - Bosco
ID: 26 - Birbo
ID: 25 - Lotar
ID: 24 - Gigante
ID: 23 - Cirano
ID: 22 - Mugello
ID: 37 - Cirio


Father Condono.
Lezio is as successful as Mirino in breeding as well as cross breeding. Calves of Lezio are born easily. Have very good legs. 
Average growth test 1.467 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 556,7 kilo.


Father Dorio.
Mitino is very well suited for cross breeding. He is an absolute top breeder in Italy. 
Produces superior muscled offspring who are born very easily.
Average growth test 1.502 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 525,4 kilo


Father Cirio.
Genio’s father is a interesting bloodline as well as his mothers through Dorico.
Genio has a good muscle tone and an above average size. A very good and interesting replacement of Cirio. Genio is the heaviest bull at 1 year so far.
Average growth test 1.806 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 635,1 kilo.


Father Emporio.
Bilio’s father has produced very good offspring. Bilio has beautiful muscle tone as well as good size. Very interesting as well is Bilio’s mother: Zucca. Zucca is an absolute prize breeder. She is related to many top bulls. Very good bloodline.
Average growth test 1.547 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 556,0 kilo


Father: Euselio.
Isidoro is after Enea the bull with the highest selection index.
Very interesting bloodline. Combines good size with beautiful muscle tone.
High expectations of this bull..
Average growth test 1.659 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 559,6 kilo


Father: Dedalo.
Golfo has a completely different bloodline from animals in Holland and the used bulls. He has a very good muscle tone and is very well developed , especially his wide behind. Very interesting in Holland. There already are excellent offspring, correct animals in size and line.
Golfo is by far the heaviest bull in the catalogue at 1 year.
Average growth test 1.897 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 642,5 kilo


Father: Laio.
Damasco breeds very well with young cows, or with animals with a less then average behind. (high spine etc.). In Italy there are many good offspring who made the contests. Damasco is especially suitable on op Dorio’s and Mirino’s
Average growth test 1.736 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 538,2 kilo


National Champion Italy 2000
Father: Nilo. Erode is an offspring of the Forlo line. A very popular bloodline in Italy. Average muscletone and a good size and content. Mr. Guerrini has a lot of confidence in this bull. Good offspring , well toned. Breed very well in Italy.
Average growth test 1.619grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 549,9 kilo


Father: Mirino.
Lots of muscle and a good size and content. Scores above average on nearly every count. Breeds well with most Dutch animals. Passes on many good quality. Offspring have very good legs ( far better then half brothers Cirio and father Mirino). Very well suited for breeding with young cows.
Average growth test 1.854 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 578,6 kilo


Father: Emporio.
Very good bloodline from father as well as mother. Muscle tone is slightly above average and the bull has a good size and content. Gives good off spring. This bloodline is very interesting. In Brazil there are surprisingly many good calves. 
Average growth test: 1.731grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 575,0 kilo


Father: Lezio
Birbo is Lezio’s best son by far. He is national champion in Italy. Very beautiful bull. Has great offspring who also do well in Italy. Compatible breeding on many animals.
Average growth test: 1.543 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 548,1, kilo


Father: Eusebio
First quality bull. Lots of muscle all over, meaning he is a fair size in height as well as length.
Very good bloodline (both mother and father)
Produces very beautiful offspring in size as well as body tone
Average growth test: 1.587 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 572, kilo


Father Erro.
Erro is from the same father bloodline as Cirano.
Gigante has a good muscle tone and an average size. Offspring stand out because of their giant front. The behind is average.
Average growth test 1.622 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 507,8 kilo.


Father: Musone.
This bull breeds a slightly lesser size. Passes on many luxurious qualities. Very good breeding products have been realised already. Especially interesting for breeding with normal animals. Legs of the offspring can be a little below average. (a little French at the front) Use on the bigger animals.
Average growth test: 1.536 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 506,8 kilo


Father: Fialo 
Fialo has very broad measurements in height as well as width. He is one of the most promising bulls at the moment. Besides his broad size, Mugello has beautiful muscle tone. Mugello has a very high growing rate and a extremely high weight when he was 1 year old.
Average growth test: 1.712 grams a day.
Weight in 365 days: 665,1, kilo


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