Marchigiana Fokbedrijf MTS Rijken

Marchigiana Fokbedrijf MTS Rijken


About us

In 1989 Marchigiana fokbedrijf Rijken started breeding Marchigiana cows. We tried breeding other races before, but experienced many problems every time, for instance: cows with difficult characters, many cesarean births, low growing rates etcetera. We kept searching for the ideal breed and finally found it in 1989. At first we started with 2 cows (mother and daughter). The mother (DINDA) already had a calf (LUNA) and the daughter (FORMA) was pregnant. The animals originate from a top breeder from Italy.. 
Our vision being “if you start something, then start something well”. We believe good starting material is the foundation of your breeding company. In 1991 we bought the last animal (MAGA) of this Italian breeder. With these cows and their offspring we, and other breeders, have achieved many successes already. 

In 1998 we decided to import 2 new bloodlines, in order to comply in an efficient way with the wishes of our customers. We imported cow DONDA and calf GALASSIA. With these animals added to our stable we have enough variety in bloodlines to breed in a responsible way. All our animals and their ancestors have proven their quality in Italy. 

Because of our success in breeding Marchigiana’s we decided to build a stable in1992. We built an very animal friendly stable fitted with a system providing fresh straw continuously. We now house approximately 100 Marchigiana’s. 

The Dutch success has spread abroad. We receive inquiries about breeding cattle, sperm and embryos from many countries all over the world. There are Marchigiana’s in quite a few countries now which were born in Flevoland. 

Beside selling breeding cattle, sperm and embryos we also retail meat. Because of the excellent meat quality, a growing number of consumers find their way to Marchigiana fokbedrijf Rijken to buy delicious meat for kitchen or barbeque. 

With Marchigiana, we feel we have an ideal meat breed, which will keep proving its merits in Holland and other parts of the world. Brilliant animals, excellent breeders who also ensure high dressing percentage and tasteful low cholesterol meat.
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